Service Beyond Seeds

Our goal is to help customers get the most benefit out of every product we offer. That’s why we combine world-class products with services based on local know-how and hard work.

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  • Field Plans

    Field Plans

    Planning is critical to success in any business. We develop detailed product placement plans that help maximize the productivity of every square foot of your fields.

  • TruChoice® Financing

    TruChoice® Financing

    Save three ways with TruChoice® financing:

    • Save up to 3% on qualifying seed purchases
    • Prepay and save 5% or 10% on qualifying Corteva Agriscience crop protection purchases
    • Earn 2% Corteva™ cash on your Pioneer purchases

  • Precision Planting

    Precision Planting

    Precision Planting adapts farmers’ existing equipment to maximize its precision performance. Adapting Precision Planting technologies is easy for farmers, saving them time and money, and making their planting and liquid applications more efficient.

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  • Seed Delivery

    Seed Delivery

    Reliable delivery of Pioneer® seeds when and where you want them so you can focus on farming. We can store your seed until you need it and then deliver on your schedule during planting time. We’ll even provide food when you take delivery of your seed so you’re fully supplied for planting, eating and snacking.

  • Seed Tender Use

    Seed Tender Use

    We offer customers the use of high-performance seed tenders to deliver bulk seed to their fields and help planting efficiency.

  • Bulk Tenders

    Bulk Tenders

    The latest in bulk seed handlers that help bring higher efficiency to planting.

  • Drone Imagery/Aerial Field Mapping

    Drone Imagery/Aerial Field Mapping

    Corteva Flight uses the latest drone video technology to assist with stand assessments for corn, and sunflower, along with gap analysis for soybeans. Corteva Flight in "birds-eye" mode allows quick and easy scouting of areas of your field. This knowledge helps bring more information to early and mid-season decisions.

  • Yield Mapping

    Yield Mapping

    We’ll use a harvest of detailed yield crop data and characteristics to create a map of your operation. Having solid data for every acre is critical to continuously improving production.

  • Granular Digital Solutions

    Granular Digital Solutions

    An industry leading digital system that gathers and integrates agronomic and financial data such as field plans yield, input costs, breakevens, and much more in one place. The easy-to-access data is designed to help you make more informed decisions.


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